Trädgårdsägare med rött hus med vita knutar sökes för TV-produktion i England

Trädgårdsakademin har via vår engelskspråkiga kurs blivit kontaktade för hjälp med att finna en entusiastisk trädgårdsägare som kan berätta om trädgården vid den röda stugan. Är det du eller känner du kanske någon?
Se här för mer information och kontaktuppgifter:
I was wondering if you could help me and even put a post on your page with the following? A friend of mine is a TV producer in the UK and they are looking for a traditional Swedish garden with a red and white/cream house and/or garden buildings. We need someone who can talk enthusiastically about the classic Swedish style – red buildings, wildish planting, folk art etc. It doesn’t have to be a garden designer – can be an enthusiastic amateur. We’re basically going to build a Swedish style garden and we want to explain to our viewers what a Swedish garden is. Its a lighthearted and fun show – so we’d like the person to be like this rather than serious. If anyone is interested, could they send over some photos and a quick intro to me: