Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all courses supplied by Trädgårdsakademin (“the School”) and enter into force when full payment for a course is made (course start).

1. Course start

Access to a course is given to the Student via the School’s educational platform within three days of paying the course fee. Login details are enclosed in the order confirmation, which the Student receives via e-mail upon registration. Please contact info@trga.se if these details are missing.

At all times, it is the Student’s responsibility to have necessary access to Internet and to e-mail.

2. Course amendments

The School reserves the right to make amendments to the course. The content of a course may be changed and the teacher may be replaced at any time. Amendments to the course or change of teacher does not entitle the Student to any reimbursements from the School.

3. Right of withdrawal

The Student has the right to withdraw from the course contract within 14 days from the day of receiving the registration confirmation. To exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, the Student must notify the School by e-mail to: info@trga.se. If the course fee is paid, please state the bank and bank account to which the refund should be made. 

Upon withdrawal from the contract, any books and/or other course materials received by the Student must be returned to the School in a substantially unchanged condition. Students should use the original packaging, or package it well in another way, so that they are not damaged in transit. In or-der to identify the returned books or material, a copy of the invoice or other information with the Student’s name and address should be enclosed. Refund for any sums paid will be made within 30 days of the School receiving the notification of withdrawal and receiving books and/or other course material.

4. Validity

The School’s courses are valid for a period of twelve months. The relevant period of validity is stated in the course syllabus. This means that the Student has twelve months to complete the course and that access to the educational platform and to a teacher is provided throughout this period.

The period of validity starts the day the Student starts the course. An automatically generated e-mail will be sent to the Student when there are 60 days remaining of the period of validity. If, at that time, there are any course modules left to complete, it is desirable that the Student focuses on the course to be able to complete it in time. It is the Student’s responsibility to complete the course in time. Failure to complete the course in time does not entitle the Student to any reimbursement from the School. 

The validity of one course is not transferable to another course. The student is only entitled access to the course paid for.   

5. Extending the period of validity

It is possible to extend the period of validity of a course by up to four months at a time, if there are special reasons such as illness, high workload or similar. To apply for an extension, please e-mail info@trga.se . Write “Extension” in the subject line, tell us your full name, the relevant course, the number of days’ extension you would like and a short description of your reasons.

Whether to accept an application for extension or not is a decision for the School to make at its own discretion. The School is not obliged to accept an application for extension.

6. Finishing an incomplete course

If the course is not completed within the period of validity, the Student may restart the studies within six months from the end of the period of validity, at a cost of 25 per cent of the course fee for a new period of validity. If you wish to use this opportunity, please e-mail info@trga.se. Write “Finishing incomplete course” in the subject line, tell us your full name, your address and the relevant course.

7. Defective goods or services

If the Student wishes to claim that any goods or services provided by the School are defective, notice thereof must be given as soon as possible after the defect is detected. Such notice is sent via e-mail to: info@trga.se. State what you believe to be the problem, your name, your address and your telephone number. If the problem refers to books and/or other course material we will send new material to you, free of charge, within 14 days of approving your complaint.

8. Intellectual property rights

The content of the course and all course material provided by the School are protected by intellectual property rights. The Student is obliged to comply with all intellectual property legislation in regard to the School. 

By participating in a course the student grants the School a royalty free perpetual license to use all materials a student submits as part of a course for marketing and other purposes. 

9. Limitation of liability

The School is not liable for any loss suffered by the Student resulting from any event which is beyond the reasonable control of the School. The School is not liable for any loss suffered by the Student which is indirect, special or consequential or comprises loss of profit. The School is not liable for any costs incurred by the student because of the coursework. 

If the School issues any certificate or diploma at the completion of a course, the School undertakes no responsibility for the official authenticity or use of such a certificate or diploma.

10. Force majeure

The School is not liable for cases where its operations are directly or indirectly prevented through the actions of public authorities, strikes, blockades, lockouts, weather, war or other circumstances outside the School’s control.

11. General 

These terms and conditions shall be governed by Swedish law, unless compulsory legislation of another jurisdiction, such as the jurisdiction where the student resides, is applicable.